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Use Net Promoter Score to ask, analyze and act on customer feedback to improve your products and services

Improve Products and Services | Track and Create the Best Customer Experience

How can SightMill help you?

SightMill is an online customer experience platform that enables you to ask for real feedback, analyse your responses and make actionable changes to the way that you do business.

Ask for feedback from your customers


Create responsive surveys on your website, or send surveys by email, by SMS, using QR codes, embed links or use our API.

Analyze the feedback from your customers


Generate your business metric (your Net Promoter Score, CSAT or CES score) to understand your customers' experience.

Act on the feedback from your customers


Act on customer feedback in real-time; connect across your business and improve every step of the customer journey.

Choose from ready-made templates

SightMill includes ready-made templates for a range of popular survey types to suit your requirements.


Employee Net Promoter Score


Smiley Icon Surveys


Star Rating Surveys

Delivered by email, on your website, by SMS, QR code, link, or API.

Understand customer feedback by Product, Segment, Themes, or Teams

SightMill provides automated analysis of your customer feedback to help you understand trends by product, by customer segment, by teams, or by themes and sentiment.

Enhanced data about your customers helps improve understanding of customer feedback

Who we work with

We work with successful, growth businesses in all sectors:

financial services, professional services, retail, education, technology, and government.


Successful organisations that listen to and act on customer feedback

The AA use SightMill for NPS surveys    bride2bride uses NPS for customer feedback    fastcase uses SightMill for Net Promoter Score surveys     legal and general uses SightMill for NPS surveys     lexisnexis uses SightMill for NPS customer surveys    mailzinger uses Net Promoter Score software from SightMill
  Relx uses SightMill for Net Promoter Score skorch added SightMill NPS surveys to its website    tolley uses SightMill for Net Promoter Score feedback of events     university of herts uses SightMill for NPS student surveys

SightMill works with your systems

SightMill works with your existing systems - with integrations to conntect 1000s of platforms including your CRM, helpdesk, or busines systems - together with powerful APIs that give you the option to create your own application.

SightMill integrates with Analytics, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce and via Zapier 100s of products

Using Net Promoter Score (NPS) as your metric

Millions of successful, customer-focussed businesses rely on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to track and understand the themes that allow the business to focus and improve the experience for their customers.

The Net Promoter Score survey format

New to Net Promoter Score? Find out more.

Switching Net Promoter Score software? See how we make this easy.

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