Net Promoter Score WordPress Plugin

Add SightMill NPS Surveys to your WordPress Website

SightMill WordPress Plugin

If you want to gather Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer feedback from visitors to your WordPress-powered website, it's just got a lot easier!

We offer a free, easy-to-use plugin that you can install directly into your WordPress website and use this to add SightMill NPS Surveys to any page(s) on your website.

The Plugin

What does the plugin do?
Install the plugin to your WordPress-powered website and it provides a very simple way of adding your unique tracking code to page(s) within your website without any coding. Install the plugin, copy the tracking code from SightMill to the plugin and then select which page of your website should display the survey.

Do I need a SightMill account?
Yes, you need a SightMill account - sign up for a free account and get started now.

How do I install the plugin?
The plugin is hosted by WordPress ( ).
The simplest method is to download the plugin directly from within your WordPress site: From within the admin panel of your WordPress site, click on Plugins>Add New menu and search for 'SightMill'. Download and install straight from within WordPress and then click on Activate. You'll see a new menu in WordPress: the SightMill NPS menu is added to your WordPress Admin panel menu.

How do I setup the plugin?
Once you've installed the plugin, access the setup page via the 'SightMill NPS' menu option in your WordPress admin panel.
- In SightMill, create a new Project for this website
- In SightMill, go to the Project's settings to find your tracking code: Settings>Web Surveys>How to Install.
- Copy your unique tracking code from SightMill
- In your WordPress site, paste the tracking code into the Plugin field
- Now select on which page(s) you would like to display the survey.
- Click Save Settings.

All further changes are made via your SightMill dashboard.

I'm thrilled to have designed a system that puts the customer at the center of your product development!

Simon, Founder