The Right Metrics for Your Startup

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Grow With Referrals From Happy Customers

Usage and CTR won't tell you if your customers enjoy the experience of dealing with your product or company. You really need a metric that tells you if your customers are fans who will provide referrals and so help promote your product. Put this metric in place and you'll start to see all the parts of your company - even if you're doing them all yourself - work to improve customer satisfaction.

The Problem:

You've startup is gaining traction; you have customers and you're beginning to be torn about which metric makes most sense to help drive your new company forward.
  It's a nice problem, since it means your new business is taking off!
  Maybe your marketing efforts are geared to CTR or CPA, whilst your product management team is looking at usage. And if you have non-execs or investors, perhaps they are asking for industry-standard metrics.
  How do you choose the right metrics and align around it for future success?

The Solution: Implementing Net Promoter Score Metric

SightMill works with the industry-standard Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework - that's used by almost every major company (and the brightest startups!) as a way of aligning the entire company around continuously improving customer experience and satisfaction.
  SightMill provides a range of solutions that suit SaaS, web-based, or offline companies of all sizes.
  Align your product development, sales, marketing, customer support and finance teams around NPS.

Improve Your Product with Real-Time Feedback

Add an NPS feedback survey to your SaaS, web application or site or start to email your growing customer base with regular NPS feedback emails, all managed through SightMill.
  You can get instant feedback on new features, a new UX or branding that will help you iterate product development improvements.

Easy To Setup

Setting up SightMill's code on your website or app is as simple as installing Google Analytics - we provide all the instructions and from then on, design, text and workflow are managed from your SightMill dashboard.
  Setting up email surveys is easier still with our pre-made templates.

Connect Your Team With Your Customers

You've setup your company to use the latest team tools, perhaps Slack, and all your new customers are on your hosted CRM. SightMill integrates directly with Slack and Zapier, ensuring you can keep your teams informed of new feedback in real-time - so your responses reach customers minutes later for a great customer experience.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

If you continue to measure and act on customer feedback end-to-end across your company, then you'll see customer satisfaction improve and you'll know that each part of your business is supporting the overall improvements in customer experience.
  Get one part wrong - maybe UX, pricing or support - and your customer satisfaction drops. Implement NPS survey software and you'll see these early and correct.

Helping you deliver a great customer feedback project

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NPS Feedback For Your Startup

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"I'm really impressed how SightMill makes it so easy to get real-time customer feedback via our website and after live training events."

Jonathan, CEO, Skorch Outdoors

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