NPS Surveys by SMS text message

Gather NPS surveys directly from a customer's mobile phone

What are SMS-based NPS Surveys?

SMS text message surveys let you send a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey by SMS text message to a group of contacts. The recipient replies via text message. SightMill lets you send the SMS text message surveys to your schedule and you can personalise the texts.

Why use SMS-based NPS Surveys?

If you have customers who access your services by mobile phone, then this is a great way to ask these customers for feedback directly via their phone; for example, it's a good way to ask students for feedback, or users of a mobile application, or customers who have paid via their mobile phone, or after a visit to your premise, shop or store.

You can send text messages to mobile phone in any country (just use the standard international country code eg 44 for the UK)

Results are displayed in real-time in your dashboard alongside any other survey results received by email or from your website - giving you a complete picture of your feedback.

What do SMS-based NPS Surveys Look Like?

There are a couple of text messages that you can configure and edit to any language. The recipient replies with a score between 0-10 and then can reply with any comments. SightMill records the scores and comments and these are accessed via your dashboard.

How do I Get Started with SMS-based NPS Surveys?

Creating an SMS text message NPS survey is very straightforward using SightMill. With just three steps, you'll have a campaign ready. Here's how:

1. Create a new contact list and upload your email data into this contact list (we support standard CSV files that can include the contact name, mobile phone number, details of any groups or products associated with the contact.

2. Set a schedule to send out survey text messages to the contact list - for example, sending out the text messages on a particulary date.

3. Edit the text of the SMS messages.

That's all there is to it.

Is this included in my plan?

SMS surveys are included in all of our paid plans. The number of SMS text messages you can send out will vary depending on your price plan.

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