Web-based NPS Surveys

Demonstration of the SightMill On-page Survey

SightMill Surveys for Websites and SaaS Applications

SightMill supports web-based surveys that will display a simple survey form on any web page.

This page will display a demonstration of the survey - that drops down from the top of the screen after a few seconds.

All the text and attributes of the survey form are controlled from your SightMill dashboard.

How it works:

SightMill generates a few lines of code that you'll need to insert into your webpage (or CMS such as WordPress).

The snippet of code is written in industry-standard Javascript and includes the unique identifiers for your site.

To install the code, copy and past the snippet into your website: it takes two minutes to add to your website.

Once installed, edit the text for the question, the colors and display attributes from your SightMill dashboard.

Display options

To make sure you maximise responses but don't annoy visitors with repeated requests, make sure you check the settings in SightMill that define when and how often the survey is shown to a repeat visitor.


I'm really impressed how SightMill makes it so easy to get real-time customer feedback via our website and after live training events.

Jonathan, CEO, Skorch Outdoors