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How Can I Improve Client Acquisition And Retention?

A great differentiator for marketing your accountancy firm is to focus on client satisfaction - not only to improve service to retain clients but to use their networks to promote your firm.

The ACCA agrees and in its article on using client feedback in accountancy firms it quotes the founder of SightMill feedback platform on using feedback effectively to drive business growth.

If you are running campaigns for client acquisition and retention, use client feedback to help understand the themes that drive a great client experience.

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We Help You Listen To Your Clients

As a marketing manager, you need a simple, effective way of gathering and understanding client feedback for your firm. This will help you understand the themes that drive customer satisfaction for your client base, and will help you improve and target your client marketing and client retention campaigns.

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Gather Client Feedback And Measure Client Satisfaction

Your accountancy firm knows it needs to improve its understanding of its client satisfaction, or loyalty. One part is to gather feedback effectively, and the second is to analyse it and turn it into a simple metric that can be used across the firm to help understand how your work is improving client satisfaction.

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Happy Clients Are Great Advocates

Satisfied clients are valuable clients and their lifetime value can be very significant to the financial health of your accountancy firm - so keeping then satisfied, or ideally delighted, will be one of your primary aims for your campaigns.

There are two important reasons to set this as a goal:

  • Satisfied clients are likely to be more willing to buy additional products and services from you as well as being more willing to accept price increases.
  • From a new business perspective, satisfied clients are far more likely to recommend your firm to their network, so creating a low cost source of potential new business opportunities.

Ideally, you firm should aim to make a focus on client satisfaction a key performance indicator for your business. Importantly, you can achieve all this without having to hire a new team for marketing, customer service or business development.

Measure Client Satisfaction

A great way of gathering feedback and converting this to a single business metric is to use a simple survey with the industry-standard Net Promoter Score (NPS) system that is used by millions of customer-centric companies.

What is NPS? At its core is a deceptively simple question that reads 'Would you recommend xxx product or brand to your friends or colleagues' and inviting you to respond with a score between 0-10. This simple question is normally followed-up with a second free-text question asking why you gave that particular score.

SightMill Can Help You!

Using a client feedback platform such as SightMill allows you to send surveys by email or add a survey to your website. SightMill will analyse the surveys and convert this to your NPS score and provide you with a set of tools that lets you see trends and themes in your clients experience of your firm - perhaps as you change your pricing structure or add a new service or change your website or brand.

By regularly surveying your client base you will be able to better understand how your clients view you and begin to act on the feedback to help fix problems and improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Easy To Setup

SightMill is designed to be easy to use and many of our customers are up and running within minutes. We are also on hand to help with all or some of the setup or advice. If you want to just get started, we can help you send your first client surveys same day. If you want to link SightMill to your marketing tools or CRM system, there are tools in SightMill or we can help configure this for you.

Once you start to receive responses, SightMill will route client feedback to the right team, partner or department head in your firm so issues and opportunities can be dealt with quickly.

As Tolley Tax Intelligence said "It's really powerful to hear and act on the feedback from our delegates in real-time to make our training experience ever better; the SightMill team has been great at help us achieve this".

Listen To Your Clients And Improve Your Client Understanding

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Gather Client Feedback For Your Accountancy Firm

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"It's really powerful to hear and act on the feedback from our tax delegates in real-time to make our training experience ever better; the SightMill team has been great at helping us achieve this."

Jelena Sevo, Director, Tolley Tax Intelligence and Training

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