How different organisations use SightMill NPS software

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How marketing departments use SightMill NPS survey software to improve overall customer satisfaction.


How a financial organisation uses SightMill to automate feedback after every service interaction.

Universities & Education

How a large UK university uses SightMill to gather feedback from students to improve housing.

Human Resources

How HR departments use SightMill eNPS survey software to improve employee engagement.

Media & Publishing

How a global online publisher uses SightMill to gather feedback and improve product experience.


How accountancy and law firms need to focus on client feedback to continue to improve.


How an online retailer uses SightMill NPS software to gather feedback on product pages and checkout.

Training & Coaching

How a leading training provider uses SightMill to gather delegate feedback after every training session.

Auto & Driving Schools

How an innovative driving school gathers feedback from instructors and helps them deliver great service.