About SightMill

Helping Drive Your Customer Engagement

SightMill started because we couldn't find a platform that did what we needed in our day jobs so we designed SightMill to suit our needs in large global organizations, but ensured it's also nimble and flexible enough to work brilliantly for startups.
 We started in London and, though it's easy to say we're global, it's true: with an office in London and the team located in several countries, we're continuing to develop in response to our customer feedback. And we want to make sure SightMill is at the heart of your strategy in improving your customer experience.

The SightMill Difference

The team at SightMill have used the Net Promoter Score framework to help drive better understanding of customer needs - through improved customer service and great product development in some of the most influential global corporates, in family based firms, and exciting startups... the common thread is that all used customer feedback and employee feedback at the heart of their business.
 SightMill meets your needs to gather feedback with automation workflow tools and great analytics. And thanks to our developers, SightMill works brilliantly - try it out.

Continuous Innovation

You'll see constant development and improvements based on your suggestions and feedback. Our development roadmap is very exciting - and it's powered by your suggestions for ways we can help you better understand your customers.


We were responsible for NPS in our corporate jobs and couldn't find software that did what we needed. So we created SightMill. It's powerful, flexible at a great price...and we're on-hand to help you get started. I'd love to hear how it's working for you.

Simon Collin, Executive Director, SightMill

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