Features of SightMill Net Promoter Score survey software

Helping you understand and improve your customer satisfaction

Designed for growth businesses of any size

Ask your Customers for Feedback

Use SightMill to ask for feedback across multiple channels


Email: Send clear, responsive email surveys supporting one-click feedback

Branded: send email surveys from your domain name and email address; customize and personalize the emails. Or embed our surveys in your marketing software.

High response rates: optimized using one-click feedback.

On your schedule: supports flexible schedules and multiple time-zones.

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High response rates from email NPS surveys to your customers

Add NPS customer feedback surveys to your websites

Add tabbed customer feedback surveys to your website

Website: Add feedback surveys to your website in minutes

Quick setup: easy to install on a page of your website (or use our WordPress plugin); avoid survey-overload with display rules.

Customized: change the text, look and feel of your web surveys; ask different follow-up questions based on scores..

Social proof: drive reviews and recomendations by encouraging promoters to leave reviews on Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

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SMS: Ask for feedback by text message

Quick Setup: upload your contact list or link via our APIs and you're ready to go.

Customize: change the text messages to fit your brand.

Engage: high response rates with surveys sent by SMS to your customer's mobile phone.

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send NPS surveys by SMS to your customers

Act on the feedback from your customers

Events and Training: ask for feedback at workshops, events or in your store

Response rates: forget paper surveys, great response rates from delegates and customers using a tablet or phone.

Quick setup: get up and running in minutes with a customized survey for your event..

Mobile-first: customers complete surveys direct from their phone in seconds.

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Understand customer feedback by Product, Segment, Themes, or Teams

Analyze your customer feedback

SightMill provides tools to analyze your customer feedback and how it relates to your products, segments, geography or teams. We help you identify themes and trends to make actionable changes to the way that you do business.

Ask for feedback from your customers

Ask for feedback from your customers

Themes in feedback

Automatically tag feedback by theme or sentiment, or by product, segment, price or team.

Analyze the feedback from your customers

View trends

Our reporting tools help track by theme, product, segment or sentiment how customer experience changes over time.

Act on the feedback from your customers

Enrich your data

Gain more understanding by adding order details or your CRM data to enrich your SightMill view of customer feedback.

Use feedback across your business to improve products and services

Act on feedback to delight your customers

SightMill distributes relevant feedback to the right teams so the whole business can act to address issues and improve the customer experience.

Ask for feedback from your customers

Ask for feedback from your customers

Customer retention

Happy customers stay loyal - with feedback you can listen to your customers and fix their problems.

Analyze the feedback from your customers

Gain customers

Customers who have had a good experience are great brand ambassadors helping your business grow.

Act on the feedback from your customers

Improve your business

Acting on customer feedback across your business will help you differentiate and improve your products and services.

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