How SightMill Works

Steps in setting up a SightMill project

Step-by-step setup

Through email or directly from your website, SightMill lets you ask your customers what they think of your products. SightMill uses the industry standard NPS framework and provides a reliable, robust and powerful set of tools to help you manage, track and analyze the NPS responses.

For your visitors, SightMill delivers a great-looking email or web-based NPS questionnaire.

Five Steps to Setting Up Your NPS Survey:

1. Book a call and demo with one of our team to talk through your requirements and how we can help you; setup a trial account

2. Create a new Project that describes the website, product, event or brand you want to track. Most companies will have more than one Project - for example, you might have three key products and you might also want to measure your new website and a customer training session (so five Projects in total).

3. Setup your Project to deliver web or email surveys.

  - For email surveys - upload your email list of contact details, set the email schedule and customize the email content (we provide great-looking templates) - and you're all done!

  - For web-based surveys - install the snippet of code on your website then you customize and control the survey from SightMill - edit the text and you're all done!

4. For web-based surveys, right from your SightMill dashboard, you can define the color, the text and the position of the survey panel. You can also customize how verbatims are asked and integration to social media. Lastly, you can also setup how often the survey is shown to a site visitor.

5. Add the short Javascript snippet of code to your website on the page where you want to display the survey. This works with almost all websites together with popular CMS systems (such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc). Once you've added the code, you can control everything else from SightMill.

You're done! Take a look at our NPS demo survey page to see the end result.


Get a free trial account and start finding out more about your customers.