Improving NPS Response Rates

How SightMill can help improve your response rates

Improving Response Rates

One of the biggest problems when using customer feedback is how to increase the response rate. It's really important to focus on improving the response, since a higeher response rate will ensure you are looking at a statistically significant sample.

Often, the first customers to respond will be the outliers - those who have had a terrible experience. You must capture this detractor feedback, but if you have a low response rate, your results will be dominated by detractors and could lead you to make wrong decisions.

To get a balanced view across detractors, passives and promoters, you need to increase the sample size; unless you have a user base of millions, the most effective way of achieving this is to improve the response rate.

We have been using NPS for years and developed a range of techniques that we know improve response rates. We've built these into so you can benefit too!

1. Make the email survey experience seamless. SightMill delivers emails that record the response without the user leaving their email client (they will be displayed a page to enter a verbatim, but the score has already been recorded).

2. Personalise the email survey. SightMill lets you personalise smart email templates with names, products and segment messages, improving the read and response rate from the recipients.

3. Make the web survey experience seamless. SightMill delivers a simple drop-down window that you can customize to your needs - one click and the score's been recorded!

4. Don't over-do the survey experience! SightMill allows you to limit how often you send or display surveys, typically only every six months.

Our customers see response rates of over 80% for Event surveys and over 15% for web and email surveys.

Improving response rates provides a more statistically significant sample size - giving you confidence in the accuracy of the feedback.