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How Can I Measure And Improve Employee Engagement?

A great way to plan to improve employee engagement and retention is to start with employee feedback and a metric that helps you track how happy your teams really are.

Getting actionable feedback helps you and your managers sort out problems, improve the working environment and improve employee satisfaction. This is important for any organisation, but it's critical during our current challenging times - and you might also be planning moving office, merging with another company, or restructuring.

You want simple, easy to setup engagement surveys that will help you understand your employees.

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Helping You Listen To Your Employees

As an HR professional you are juggling a stack of activities and you really want to make your organisation a better place for your employees. To start, you need to ask the employee base how it feels about working in your organisation.

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Gather Employee Feedback And Measure Engagement

We help HR teams gather feedback effectively and include tools to help analyse the feedback and turn it into a simple metric that can be used across the firm to help understand how your activities are improving engagement and making your organisation a better place to work.

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Measure Employee Engagement

A great way of gathering feedback and converting this to a single business metric is to use a simple survey with the industry-standard Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) system that is used by millions of employee-centric companies.

What is NPS? At its core is a deceptively simple question that reads 'Would you recommend working at our company to your friends or colleagues' and inviting employees to respond with a score between 0-10. This simple question is normally followed-up with a second free-text question asking why they gave that particular score.

SightMill Can Help You!

Using an employee feedback platform such as SightMill allows you to send surveys by email or SMS text message, or add a survey to your company portal or website. SightMill will analyse the surveys and convert this the eNPS score, plus we include a range of tools that lets you see trends and patterns in how employees think of your organisation - to see the real impact of your activities across the business.

By regularly surveying your employees you will be able to better understand how they view your business and you can act on the feedback to help fix problems and improve engagement and loyalty.

Easy To Setup

SightMill is designed to be easy to use and many of our customers are up and running within minutes. We are also on hand to help with all or some of the setup or advice. If you want to just get started, we can help you send your first client surveys same day. If you want to link SightMill to your marketing tools or CRM system, there are tools in SightMill or we can help configure this for you.

Once you start to receive responses, SightMill will route client feedback to the right team, partner or department head in your firm so issues and opportunities can be dealt with quickly.

Why Use Employee Feedback Surveys?

Whatever the size of your business, knowing that you have an engaged employee base is essential for the long-term success of the company. And for managers, measuring the level of engagement is key to understanding their team or department. Many companies use a regular employee engagement survey (often called a pulse or EOS survey) to measure this score. With a fact-based scoring system in place, managers and senior leaders can see the impact of their actions on the employee engagement.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surveys are an industry-standard way of measuring the engagement or loyalty of your employees. It's a measure that's used across most large and successful companies to provide managers with a regular pulse of the sentiment in their teams and help managers understand what workis and what needs to be improved.

Employee engagement surveys (someimes called Employee Opinion Surverys (EOS) or Pulse Surveys) use the same methodology, question and scoring framework as customer-facing NPS surveys. The question 'On a scale of 0-10 how likely is it that you would recommend this company as a place to work?'.

Implementing eNPS Employee Surveys

For a successful roll-out in your business, employees need to feel reassured that their responses are anonymous. You can use email surveys or web-based surveys from your intranet but make sure that you stress that the survey responses are anonymous.

A great way to see the impact of actions within your business is to setup a simple rolling eNPS scheme: survey a third of the employee based every month so every three months you will have a complete business survey. This timing schedule is easy to setup with SightMill web or email surveys.

To help improve response rates, use a survey delivery method that works for your employees (email, SMS, or web) and make sure that these can be completed in as few clicks as possible. SightMill email surveys are great for eNPS because you can click on your score within the email and you're done.

The HR team can then be setup as new users for the Project - provide read-only rights to avoid any unintended changes to the Project in administering the results analysis.

Anonymous, Secure Employee Responses

We strongly recommend that you setup your employee surveys so that all respondants are anonymous; this is best practice and ensures that your employees are able to give you truthful feedback without worrying about being identified. SightMill includes features to anonymize your email surveys and your contact data is secure on our GDPR-compliant servers managed by the experts at Rackspace.

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Actionable Employee Feedback And Your eNPS Score

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