Customer Journey Analytics

Monitoring survey results to improve the customer journey

Understand your customer touchpoints

Where do your customers find it difficult to work with your business? Are the improvements you're making really working for customers?

  • Do your customers get stuck during your onboarding process?
  • How effective are your commercial processes, such as renewals or e-commerce?
  • Are customer support interactions really helping your customers?
Measure, analyze and act on feedback to improve customer happiness

Improve the customer journey

To help address problem areas in your customer journey, it's a good idea to use lots of small, quick surveys to help assess how your changes are really working.

Running micro surveys at key customer journey touchpoints will help you really understand what makes it easier for a customer. Great examples are:

  • Trigger NPS surveys after each customer support call - link SightMill to Zendesk, Salesforce or other systems to automate this
  • Add small pop-up Net Promoter Score surveys to your website pages to help test your changes to e-commerce or onboarding
  • Regularly send surveys to assess your existing customers' satisfaction
improve the customer journey with micro surveys

Understand the drivers behind customer experience

See exactly which themes drive customer pain points as well as those that improve experience.

  • Automatically categorise and tag customer responses by theme, at scale and in real-time.
  • View the trends of customer feedback by theme to pin-point problems and solutions
  • See immediately what actions help improve customer satisfaction
using net promoter score to track customer experience

Keep your teams informed along the customer journey

Make sure each team receives relevant feedback as it happens to help fix and improve each step of the customer journey.

  • Setup automated emails or team alerts (using Slack or Trello) to route the relevant feedback to the right team
  • Answer and resolve customer feedback issues at each part of their journey
  • Manage and understand feedback in real-time
alert teams to customer feedback

Successful organisations listen to and act on customer feedback and employee feedback.

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SightMill makes it easy to gather customer satisfaction or employee engagement using industry-standard NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) surveys.

Great value Net Promoter Score software from SightMill helps you gather, analyze and act on customer feedback

Find out how SightMill can help you listen to your customers.

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